A True Story

This is a story that needs to be told; and that needs to be heard. It’s time for African-Americans to speak of their experiences for all to hear; and time for all Americans to listen. It’s time to pay attention to heritage, before it is lost. 

kate angel

kate angel

Sent down South to be raised by her grandmother, little Phyllis finds an old quilt that seems to have mystical qualities. Through her grandmother’s stories as they work on the quilt, she becomes intimately acquainted with the history of her family, going back to slavery times.  

Phyllis’s adventures, as she struggles through to adulthood, embody the experience of so many of her generation. She unflinchingly reveals her own heart, and truths about African-American life that have never been spoken of.  

Watching little Phyllis grow is wild, sad, funny, and touching. Recounted with vivid humor and pathos by her older self. 

Told in a true story-teller’s voice that takes you right into the middle of the action. You live right through it all with little Phyllis, as she arrives in dusty Alabama, runs from chickenskjdgkajshdjashhaskjdhkajshdkajshkjas, cries for her mother, breaks into chifferobes, and learns field hollers. Full of life and innocent, she’s constantly getting into scrapes; and doesn’t take anything lightly.  Surrounded by the most outrageous characters, they have to be true; you could never make them up. 
Then she’s thrown into the chaos of inner-city Detroit and a Dickensinian home life, where she suffers for a time before she ends up living on the streets. 
The stories become a roadmap on how to face life, 

The quilt is a dazzling display of color and pattern;  with an unfettered freedom of design and harmony of xxxxxxxxxx. 

This vital part of African-American history is virtually unknown to the world. Enslaved African-American women made quilts, and in their hands, this everyday act was a remarkably heroic expression of inner freedom and indomitable spirit. They lived under the harshest of circumstances, yet they created beauty. 

The Smithsonian Institution wants the quilt.